I am a South African artist living in Munich. I studied Art & Graphic Design at the Vaal University of Technology in Gauteng, South Africa. Afterwards I was a partner in a small Graphic Design firm for six years. Even though I enjoyed this very much I felt the need to listen to my inner calling and focus on my art. I am also an aspiring children’s book writer and consider myself  a possibilitarian.

I am inspired by my surroundings, who I meet, what I see, what I feel, what I hear, how things are connected. I am fascinated by the obvious but not so visible idea that we are all soul carriers. While I was studying in London I took the bus to class and I suddenly became aware of the people around me. How there were so many, most of them deep in thought avoiding each other. Completely lost in their own lives, being unaware that they make up part of the whole. The constant factor in the equation is that despite the complexity of our individual existence, the journey is a mutual one. We sometimes tend to ignore that we are connected in this way. Every person that crosses your path is on a journey carrying a soul.

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